This resource kit was designed using a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) model for the accessibility of all learners. UDL is demonstrated in this website’s representation, engagement, alongside expression.  These three elements work interchangeably to teach self-advocacy effectively. 

            The representation in this resource kit as been customized for Universal Design.  People with different sensory and perceptual needs can access this website through the website’s simplistic accessible layout. As well, the colour contrast, fonts, and images are readable for all learners. Descriptive language is used for any imagery used. All of the materials are available in an electronic PDF and audio format.   An equitable representation in learning materials is critical for inclusive education.   Therefore, the images in our resources and children’s literature are representative of diversity in exceptionalities, gender, and race. The accessible handbooks have been customized for different life-stages and ages, which enables engagement.

            Our website uses UDL principles for the engagement of all learners.  Educators may engage in the materials in an accessible manner with the availability of different formats. In teaching self-advocacy with inclusivity, the differentiated materials are available in our resources to engage all learners. As well, the expression of UDL is embedded in our theme of teaching self-advocacy for equitable and inclusive classrooms. By having this as our goal, the resources we have provided assert the pertinence of teaching self-advocacy starting from an elementary age group for UDL.


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