Hello educators, students, and parents!


Welcome to our online resource kit! On this website, you will find the necessary tools required to teach self-advocacy to students, or even to anybody!

Who are we?

We, as the authors of this website, are students from York University in the Faculty of Education. Our dream is to become future educators who wish to provide an inclusive learning environment free from barriers for all students. You may contact us at teachingselfadvocacy@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

To navigate our website…

You can click on the tabs located below the title. The “Home” tab will guide you back to the main introductory page.

  • The “1) What is Self-Advocacy” tab will lead you to a description of what self-advocacy is.
  • The “2) Self-Advocacy Without Singling out Students” tab includes tips for teachers when teaching self-advocacy skills.
  • The “3) Inclusive Classroom Activities and Management” tab provides examples of cross-curricular activities for students in grade 1-8.
  • The “4) Relevant Journal Articles” tab provides empirical evidence on the usage of self-advocacy skills in an inclusive classroom.
  • The “5) Relevant Websites” tab provides links that discuss steps required to become a self-advocate.
  • The “6) Children Literature” tab incorporates a list of suitable children fictional storybooks that explore topics of exceptionalities and self-advocacy skills.
  • The “7) Additional Resources” tab include inspirational songs and videos about students who have exceptionalities.
  • The “8) The Self-Advocacy Workshop tab includes information for a workshop on teaching self-advocacy skills.
  • “The 9) Teaching Self-Advocacy” tab entails characteristics that help foster self-advocacy skills.¬†
  • The “10) UDL” tab discusses Universal Design¬†for Learning.

This website is fully accesible for everyone! We try our best to caption our pictures with a relevant description. We also made our website auditorally accessable with built-in voiceover clips.

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